mike and sebi

About us

To the people of this world and maybe other worlds that enjoy mobile gaming:

Hi, we're xSheetGames!!!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Sebastian, I'm the dude messing with the graphics in this little team. Since nobody else is willing to write this introduction about ourselves, (dig at the lazy programmer) I'm going to do this for you.

We (Michael and me) have been friends for over 10 years and always wanted to create something together. Since our first plan of becoming rockstars didn't work out so well, we figured… why not become game developers!!!

Playing 2D games since childhood and loving them very much made it obvious for us to create exactly that :D

Since our recent dayjobs allowed us to build the skills needed to master this amazing craft, it made a lot more sense taking over the world by making games rather than strumming a guitar! I've been working in the television industry for about 4,5 years doing illustration and animation stuff and Michael worked in several different companies writing awesome pieces of code for web and desktop applications!

Why are you reading this??

  1. you're one of our mums!
    Hi Mum, everything's alright!!!
  2. you're one of our friends!
    don't read this, play our freaking game… go… do it…
  3. you're a satisfied customer!
    of course you're satisfied, why would you not be… but honestly thanks for playing our games
  4. you're not a satisfied customer!
    dude you're totally on the wrong developer site :D
  5. you're a big mobile game publisher!
    wagnmich@gmail.com, sebastian.stadler@gmail.com

If you think now, man i would love to do business with them but these guys… are nuts, I can ensure you we can be serious as well ...we just don't want to very often!

Update March 2016:

Lately some more friends of ours have joined our team to help with our recent "Bound by Magic" project. If you want to find out more, check out the project page.